Hello from Texas!


Aledo, Texas
Hi everyone. I'm brand new to the forum. I'm David Manning, and I'm a new Fuji X100 owner.

On the digital side, I'm a dSLR shooter, and on the film side, I'm a previous Leica M6 shooter and current Contax T3 owner...and boy do I adore that camera!

I process and scan my own b&w film, and use Aperture 3.x and Nik ColorEfex/SilverEfex Pro for digital. My personal preference is for b&w digital files to have a filmic look...I love film and grain, but getting lazy about film workflow.

I'm looking forward to interacting with other compact camera enthusiasts, sharing experience, and motivating myself and others to strive for high shooting standards.


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G'day from Down Under. Might just be the TV they stream to us down here but I'm starting to find this a little odd. Another Texan....on a Compacts site? I thought Texans liked their things BIG!

Welcome David. Great site with great advice and friendly folks....well maybe with some exceptions from the isolated uncouth Aussie or two :blush:


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David, I just found my way to your introductory thread and want to add my own welcome! I am a bit behind but am trying to catch up on everyone's pictures and conversations. We're very glad to have you here.:th_salute: