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Dublin, Ireland
I became interested in photography fairly recently (in 2003, to be exact), when my family gave me a lightly used Casio QV-3000EX as a New Year present. Its image quality quickly became limiting factor for me. In 2005, I acquired Sony DSC-R1 for travels and thus began my struggle with high quality, but fairly bulky cameras. I also used to have Pentax DSLRs (K-m, later K-x, both now gone). I sold my Pentaxes when I noticed that they're basically sitting on my shelf and gathering dust while I was busy shooting with a cheap Panasonic point-and-shoot.

My search for a high-quality and relatively compact camera ended when Olympus introduced E-P1. I loved this camera and still think it's great. Later I gave it to my sister. Now I'm going to get Panasonic G2 as a Christmas gift for myself. I know it's not as compact as E-P1 but I need its video mode for some of my projects. It's still tiny compared to my old trusty Sony R1, though.

I think this site is great. Many think that 'good camera' = 'large camera'. I guess we need to spread the word about serious compacts to help people get rid of bulky DSLRs.


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Stratokaster, many thanks for stopping in to introduce yourself. I know you've already made yourself at home and look forward to your continued involvement here. Your sister is very fortunate to have such a generous brother! Looking forward to more from you in 2011!