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Hello all, from the not so sunny Wales, UK

Just a quick brief about myself, used minolta SLR's since I was a lad loving film ( of which I still do ) and worked my way up to digital over the last 13 years,
I traded over from Canon tho I cant part with my heavily invested L series glass seeming as I work with canon on occasions, however in my bag every day you will find my trusty 4 year old X-Pro1 with my favourite lens 16-55 WR F2.8, with my trust 16mm extension tubes and 35mm F2, my absolute favourite set up, and for the more adventures days the x-t1 50-140 and the 1.4 tele
I specialise in night landscape photography, and have a nice pleasure of seeing my work being bought and displayed in various places, but I do love experimenting, my personal favourite is off set flash for wildlife, I have worked in a studio and do sometimes go back to portrait, but I feel it doesn't show the exact emotions I like in my work most of the time as its always set up, but I am partial to a cake smash ! thats true joy right there !
I luckily have good connections with manufactures especially with Fuji and get the chance to work closely with them, altho I hear a lot that its really amazing and they would love to do it, they forget that when you see all the new kit your bank balance scrapes the bottom of the barrel, usually at the beginning of the month but hey, who needs to spend money on food !

Well thats me in a nut shell, I look forward to peaking in on some of your posts !

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