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I think you're right. I got my minus invite from Herman on here, so it's been incredibly helpful so far. I don't make a secret of enjoying that big site's Ricoh forum, and luckily, some of that same approach is here.


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Hi brian! I've seen you (and talked to you a bit) on DPR, nice to see you here as well!
Like you said, the focus here is more on photography, less on gear, and especially less venomous than what can sometimes be seen on DPR...


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brianj, welcome to Serious Compacts and, of course, it's OK to link to your photographs on dpreview or any other place you store them! I look forward to making my way through your gallery - right now I'll just say that your "Roots" image is so wild and the colors are of the water coursing their way over the tree's roots are intensely beautiful. I feel as though I can hear that river rushing...and, yet, still feel the silence of its quiet. Beautifully seen, brianj.

We do try to focus on photographic images here, but I'd be lying if I didn't admit to the occasional G.A.S. attacks:wink:....and we also encourage discussions and questions of the technical nature too. Please make yourself at home. I thank snake for his invitation to you, and look forward to getting to know you and your involvement here at SC. Thanks so much for stopping in here first to introduce yourself.:th_salute:


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Thanks for the welcome everyone.
To BBW, that roots image is from Litchfield NP in Northern Territory Australia, at a place called Buleys Hole.

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