Hello O7 from Bulgaria/Denmark.


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I've recently bought Ricoh GRD III and I enjoy it very much! I'm 23 years old bulgarian IT student in Denmark and this is my first try to get into the photography as a hobbyist. As a kid I enjoyed it very much but somehow the life caught me and the photography was left behind.. Recently I've found out that I love to do street photography, it's closest to what I did as a young teenager. I'm learning fast but the biggest obstacle for me is post processing and cropping because I don't have any idea how to do it for now.. But! I purchased Lightroom and dvd with tutorials for it (fingers crossed).

These are pictures that I made with that little beauty GR D. I will be so happy to receive some feedback and tips .



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G'day Anio. :thumbsup:
Mate you've brought the right camera to the right place. You'll certainly find many comrades in arms here. Look forward to seeing more images - and judging by your Flickr stream you're ripe for ourWeekly Challenge. We've seen this taken out by this little cam on a few occasions in the past, so hope you might consider entering.


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Thank you very much for the warm welcome, Olli, Bilzmale, Krugorg, Hauki, Stillshunter, Kyteflyer and BBW!
Stillshunter I will join the weekly challenge, I think I have a shot. :)