Hello to all


Like others here, I got serious about photography with a screw-mount Leica some decades ago. And again as with others here, it was a Contax T that joined "serious" and "compact" inseparably in my life. Then 18 months ago, I made the leap to digital photography with an F200EXR. I have learned with it, and it has been there for me at many a photogenic moment. But I've realized that I need a camera capable of less: less automation. I need to be working with Raw files, with fuller manual controls, and for pity's sake, can't I find some faster glass?

Last month I got the EX1/TL500 and the thrill is back. Even its rudimentary manual focus/focus lock is like regaining the use of a limb. I was the guy who partly covered my T4's metering window with black tape to expose for shadows, and the TL500 is giving me shadow detail. Not ghostly, noisy smudges, but detail. I came to this site to see the LX3 comparison trials, and there in the EX1 images are the individual slats in the black window shutter. In the tests, I found validation, and in the members' posts, I find congenial pictures and ideas. I look forward to using my new camera, and to sharing ideas and experiences with fellow miniature camera enthusiasts.