Hello all.
I have just "downgraded" from a Lumix G3 with kit lens and 20mm prime to a Sony RX100. I have only managed one day out with it when I took my 4 year old nephew to the local transport museum. I stuck it in auto and have to say I am more impressed with the pictures than I have ever been in 18 months with the G3 and I love the size of it. I'm in that state of mind where I can't wait to get out and take some more pictures, I never felt like that with the G3. I came to the G3 after wanting more from my camera, (I had a Canon Ixus 800) I loved taking pictures but the Ixus was limited. I kept it for a few years as I really didn't want the size of a dslr, then micro 4/3 system came out but I didn't like the small ones like the nex that looked like a compact with a big lens stuck on, then I found the G3 which I thought would be what I wanted. After getting it I started to think I might as well have had a dslr but I stuck with it but never got shots as good as the RX100, maybe it's my lack of skill.
Anyway that's my little introduction, hope I didn't bore you.

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RX-100 is a great camera. Panasonic stripped down the G3 a bit much control-wise I think. I have a GX1 I shoot but it's actually an improvement over the G3 n some ways.

In fact, I have a full spectrum of mu-43 gear, but for simplicity when out with family I often use a Panasonic LX7. Today's small cameras are amazing and the RX-100 with it's larger-than-average sensor for a compact is at or near the top in terms of what it can do.

I think you could have chosen a worse camera for sure!


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Hello, and welcome to the forum...:)

I've had the RX100 for about six months now, and it has amazed me with its ability to just deliver, in so many ways. I do have several cameras, from compact up to FF DSLR, and I use all of them to varying degrees. However I'm beginning to think that if I had to decide to keep only one of them, this would probably be the one. Ok, it isn't the outright best of my cameras (whichever way "best" might be defined...:wink:) but it does most things so very well, and it's so easy to carry. As stillshunter said above... "All one might ever need".


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A very belated welcome to you, Phil. I'm sorry that I haven't been keeping my eyes open to all the new members. I hope you'll come back and let us know how you're enjoying your RX100!


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The RX100 is a wonder camera. I also started with an ELPH/IXUS around 2002 I think, and went through (and still use) DSLRs, but the RX100 is exactly what I wanted my ELPHs to be!

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