I use a Canon 5D as a main body, will downgrade it to a 50D (well, not sure if it's a downgrade or an upgrade). With Canon, I shoot mostly from 24-135mm range. And yes, I used to snort at the NEX when I saw it at Target a year ago. Such a tiny flimsy body with a huge & seemingly awkward lens (18-55). I shoot mostly landscape and flowers, after hiking around carrying big L lenses and tripod, I was sold on the idea of getting a smaller & light weight kit.

Then I saw the images posted by this photographer phillber over in Fredmiranda site using Zeiss lenses on his NEX. His words "tiny camera with tremendous image quality" pushed me over the fence and I picked the NEX 5 + 2 lenses kit. For the past few days, I kept being impressed by the performance of the camera. It takes some getting adjusted too (coming from using the optical viewfinder) but it's a joy to use now.

It's an awesome camera with "tremendous potential". If I didn't have the 135 f2L, I probably would not have kept the DSLR kit. :)

This forum seems to be the best of all the new forums and I hope to learn/share what I find about this camera. :)


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Bonyari, welcome to Serious Compacts and congratulations on the new camera. There are quite a few NEX users here so welcome to that gang too. We'll look forward to seeing your images here in due course.