My name is Christian and I really enjoy being here. As you can see in my introduction in mu-43.com, I love to take photographs with light gear. Although I really like technical perfection, I value artistic expression and esthetic quality most and know that the best gear is just a tool and only as good as the photographer it is used by. One has to be very careful not to fall into a trap set by wishful thinking about what wonderful things one could do if only one had some better or different gear. Sometimes the fascination for some gear can hide what is most important and what one really needs.

I have read the old blog, too, but most of what I read I read long after it had been written. But it was a very helpful and interesting blog. Thus I am happy that a new site has been founded and since I value serious compact cameras highly, I hope that this site becomes very successful.

Best wishes,
I completely agree with you, Christian. Three times I have 'downgraded' my cameras to shoot with the most basic equipment, I enjoy shooting most with compact cameras costing about or less than $200.