New here. Looking to get a compact for all those times a DSLR simply is either inappropriate or cumbersome. Will add that video function will be an important factor here.

So... probably an LX-5 then, but I'm hoping to lurk and get an idea of what else might make sense.

I've been shooting since 1972 when Dad gave me his then-old 1957 Asahi Pentax (Original AP). I still have that camera. I put photography down for many years in my 30s/40s. I then picked it back up and went digital in 2007. I take a lot of photos of... landscapes, architecture, people... I compete in local contests and sometimes a little online. I now have a desire to have something on hand... all the time.

I'm here to watch, listen and learn. Thanks to the founder of this board for a great resource.

I do have a question. What is the definition of a serious compact? I ask specifically because I would love to jump right into the Weekly, and upon reading the rules I see that the photos must be taken by a "Serious Compact." I currently have, among other things, an older Fuji "superzoom" bridge camera...

Thanks for any input.


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woof, welcome aboard and thank you for taking up the invitation to introduce yourself in here.:th_salute:

As for whether or not your camera/s might fall into the "serious compact" range, I'd suggest you take a look at this thread: https://www.photographerslounge.org/f17/what-compact-my-camera-compact-16/ and I think you'll find that you're probably pretty safe.

I'll be looking forward to hearing and seeing more from you across the different discussions and do hope you'll post some pictures soon.


Thank you very much. I was looking for just this thread. Sorry I missed it.

It does look like this definition encompasses my existing camera... I'll assume it does. Still, I am looking to take it down yet another notch.

Again, thanks, and looking forward to contributing.



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woof, welcome aboard.
I'm cutting right to the chase. We have the WC, weekly challenge going on.
It seems that the ladies are kicking the menz butts every week.
You have been drafted. We need as much help as possible fast.
Thanks for you support on this extremely embarrassing issue.


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G'day from Down Under Woof!

Great place this and I hope, like me, after a month or two you'll be dusting off that clunky old dSLR and readying it for sale. BB speaks the good word! Small IS beautiful.....we're all a little like BB in her little Mini battling the hordes of SUVs on the beltway! :thumbsup:

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