Fuji Help finding author (OT)

Guys, could I get a little off-topic help here? Our friend, the super moderator from sunny Frimley, has written a very enjoyable book. I read it some time ago, but now I cannot remember the title or the author's full name so as to find it in my archives, either on Kindle or Nook. Could someone please help me with the title or the author's name?


Aug 13, 2011
Sunny Frimley
Bill Palmer
Hey Dave, I did respond to your DM but it might have got stuck. I'm on a Greek island at the moment and the Internet connectivity is at about the two baked bean tins and a bit of hairy string level...

Anyway, what I said was:

It's "Overexposed" you are looking for, by "Bill Palmer".

You might also be interested to know that after a long lay-off I have been working on the sequel. Just on Chapter 28 now...

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