Help! first timer! Fujifilm x100 vs nex-5N vs Canon 600D



Hello, Jun Yoo. As you read more posts on this site, you'll quickly learn the phrase "horses for courses" meaning that different cameras work better in different situations or for different needs. If you're like me, this will be a bit intimidating as it will sometimes seem that photographers must, like golfers, carry around an entire "bag of clubs" in order to be able to "hit the right shot." This can easily lead to, as many post and resolve to conquer here, the tendency to spend way more time thinking and talking about "new clubs" or finding "just the right putter" than actually playing golf or practicing on the putting green. Not infrequently, it also leads to the dreaded GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) for which current medical science has no cure (We don't even yet have our own rubber bracelet).

That said, for many reasons, I'm now trying to sell one of my cameras - I have a Canon T2i and a Nex 5n. My plan was to sell the 5n and really focus on learning how to use the Canon. Unfortunately, this is proving really difficult to do because every time i compare photos I took with each, the Nex's images seem much more crisp and the colors better, so I don't know. Many of the reviews I've read suggest that, in order to get the best results from, and make best use of the Canon (even the t2i - let alone the 60D) I will have to move beyond the kit lens, however, people also disparage the Sony lens, so I don't know if what I'm seeing is a difference in the camera, per se, or "just" the lens. Naively, I first assumed the body was the most important thing - even now, it is much easier for me to imagine spending $500 on a new camera than it is to image spending $250 on a better lens. I know this is backwards, but it's hard to shake.

Another thing you will find, if you haven't already, is that many folks are willing to, and are interested in, spending quite a bit of time working with the images (files) in the various software programs to get just the look they are wanting. This is an issue I didn't know to think about before I purchased, but I've now learned that it may be that camera X consistently produces better images than camera Y, but one has to spend significant time working with the files to make this happen whereas, "out of the camera - jpeg images" from Y might be consistently better from Y than X. I know... I've clearly lost my mind - that proves I've been reading too many reviews' comments and bits of others' advice.

If I were starting fresh, what I would want to know is how are the images straight out of the camera - because I don't have much patience for post-processing. After I'd identified a few that were said to be good in this way, I would then take the last bit of Amin's advice and go with the one that subjectively feels right to you - whether that is because your grandfather had one, it feels better in your hand, or you like the color of the box - whatever it is - that (don't laugh) "soul part" is going to be more important than the relative noise at ISO 540,000. Ultimately, you want to become the skillful artist who produces magnificent works with a few old, beat up that she knows well, not the one who falls prey to the marketing idea that the next Mona Lisa is currently imprisoned in a new brush sitting on a shelf somewhere, not in the undeveloped/unarticulated imagination of the student.

Ha - sorry for rambling on and on. Clearly, I'm really talking to myself here. Hope some bit is helpful. Bottom line, you really can't go wrong as either of those cameras will allow you to control how you put paint to canvas. Like others, I look forward to hearing what you choose - but more importantly - to hearing about your learning curve and seeing what you create. I'm sure you find the folks her very knowledgable and supportive.


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Jul 7, 2010
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Hi guys, I finally chose a camera. I decided to go with the fuji x100. I understand that it is very limited to its 1 lens and it can be more confusing than a similar system from the other companies (sony/olympus/panasonic) thing is no other camera really interests me as much as this camera. I tried out all the prospective cameras and I really didn't like the fact all the small compact cameras that are meant to be high IQ in a small system would end up needing its own bag if i got all the equipment I want to get for it. The hole VF sticking out on top like a submarines scope just ruined the sleakness of a compact system.

At the end of the day I realised no camera is THE PERFECT camera, and I doubt there will ever be one. But like a puppy chasing its own tail I will gather GAS hoping the next big thing will be my perfect camera.


Congratulations, Jun! Can't wait to see your photographs!:thumbup:

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