Micro 4/3 Help! I need older firmwares for Lumix DMC-G1 *solved*

I just bought a G1 which was still on original firmware 1.0. Since release there have been versions 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 and 1.5. Here's my issue: the camera won't update to 1.5. I found online from a third party software site the 1.2 version and that updated in the normal way, all good. But the camera still won't update to 1.5, which is the only version Panasonic now make available. I'm thinking perhaps I can do it sequentially i.e. update to 1.3, then 1.4 and then 1.5 but I can't find those versions available for download anywhere.

Can anyone here help me out and share G1_V13 and G1_V14? It doesn't matter if they are exe or zip files. If anyone can help that would be much appreciated.

Edit: Problem solved. I removed the lens, set the camera to "Shoot w/o Lens" to On and it then upgraded absolutely fine.
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