Help, it's not GAS, really!


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Aug 7, 2011
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I have the S90, which is pretty much the same as the S95. It takes some wonderful photos (not as good as the X10), but there is an appreciable shutter lag. The S90/95 is also truly pocketable.
I gave an S95 to my sister in law as a gift. She and my brother went on a vacation recently and my brother said he noticed quite a big of shutter lag with the S95 compared to his Nikon P7100. So that's something to keep in mind - although it might not be a deal breaker for Kristen if she's bringing her DSLR along as well. The S95 would be the pocketbook camera. BTW, the Nikon P7100 is apparently quite improved over the P7000 and a nice alternative to the Canon G12. It has a tilting rear LCD versus the G12's fully articulating screen... but the Nikon zooms out to 200mm (equivalent) versus the G12's 140mm. Just a suggestion in case Kristen's camera shop has one on hand to try.


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Dec 6, 2011
Biro I will be looking at both actually, leaving now. But I had checked out the Nikon yesterday an the canon yesterday evening.. going to see about prices now. Thanks All. Armanius your comparisons were helpful.

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