Micro 4/3 Help me bond with the Sigma 30mm f2.8.


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I bought this lens a few months ago as a 1/2 price special from the Aussie agent. At the time I couldn't stretch to the Panasonic 20mm f1.7. I've since picked up a 20mm and can't find any love for the 30mm.

Can anyone suggest why I should keep the 30? On m4/3 it is equiv to 60mm - perhaps it works better on APS-C sensors as a 45mm?


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I have only used this lens on APS-C, while it's not as versatile as the 30 1.4, it makes every sense to have a 45mm prime for me. On m4/3 while still useful, it could be a little awkward I think, because it's natural to expect more DOF separation at a 60mm equivalent focal length and this lens doesn't do that, but if you want to try macro photography this lens paired with a cheap extension tube should be able to render well enough.

The Sony E mount version of this lens only supports PDAF in a very small centre area, it can still track slowly moving subject but I guess that's the reason the E mount version is even cheaper than the m4/3 variant.


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I owned this lens for quite awhile and found it to be one of the most splendidly sharp lenses I have ever used, on any camera. It is obviously slightly more telephoto than the FOV of a classic 50mm perspective, but in spite of that (or maybe because of it) I used it often on one or another of my mu4-3 bodies.

Here is one of my favorite shots with the Sigma 30mm, mounted on a Lumix GX7, a nice combo.



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I am with the OP, I had the 30mm f2.8 for a while and I couldn't make it do anything I wanted it to - I think the focal length is a hard one, it's too tight for a normal lens but not flattening enough for a portrait lens. The f1.4 version might prove more versatile with the shallow DoF you can get from it, but in terms of focal length, I just don't like it.

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