Help needed with Corel Paintshop Pro 2018


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Hi, I am not sure where to post this.. but was looking for some help with corel paintshop pro 2018

my corel wont let me save my work in the folders I created for them to keep them organized, the only place corel allows me to save is into my downloads folder..
Well- their "Basics of Filing Saving" on the support site does ot cover this, would be the place to look.

I'm going to take a look at the free download- I want to see if it supports Monochrome DNG files. Many software programs fail to do so.
I was able to download the 2020 version of the software, open a ".DNG" file from my Leica M8 and process it. When I save the file, I had to use a "Save As" and then explicitly navigate to the File Folder that I opened the DNG from. This is under Windows 10.

SO- like many of these programs, it goes to a default and had to be explicitly set to the file folder that I wanted the file saved to.

Hope this helps, I learned that the Corel Product cannot properly open the monochrome DNG files, it tries to interpret it as a color file. It messes up.


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Yes thank you for the reply, it's just odd to me that it was saving into my folder's I created for then just changed to not being able to.. documents or any other folder it won't go to, like my photos I use to be able to save them back into my pictures folder but I can't now.. but anyway thank you again for your help. :)

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