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The title of this thread is a Trojan horse, really. I just wanted to introduce you all to the react options at the bottom of posts which Mu-43 in all its paucity does not possess. This is 99.9% of the reason why this is a better website, and I suspect it's why most of you came over here and expressed distaste for something or other at the other website. Wise move.

Principal among these superior options is the "cool" reaction, or :cool:

This reaction gives you a little extra "umph" when the thumbs-up or "like" button isn't sufficient. Now, that's not to say that "cool" ranks above "like." But rather, that there are some situations where it is just the more appropriate response. When and why is a forum secret, but we will watch and wait for you guys to catch on and perhaps offer helpful or not-so-helpful critique where needed.

Please note that if you find the critique unhelpful, judicious use of the :unsure: or "Hhhhhmm" button is considered correct in response. Instances of :cautious: or "Oh?" are generally considered rude and should be avoided.

There are a couple more good react options here at Cameraderie, but this quick tutorial should get you started. Thank you for your time.


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May I respectfully suggest a tribble emoticon.



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Helpful Info for MU-43 members.

We have a lot of Sci-Fi fans here. Especially Star Trek and Star Wars. SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis. Lots of things Blowing Up. You can always rate a show by how many things blow-up.
SG-1 is another one of my favorites, at least until they started wandering away from the original 4 cast members. I love how they made parody episodes that made fun of themselves.
I'm marathon re-watching SG1 on Netflix as I type this. :D What's funny is that Netflix has it marked as TV-MA because of the first pilot episode that was done by Showtime. So because of one scene in the first episode the entire 10 seasons are now flagged as TV-MA.