Documentary Helsinki National Stadium - Renovation of national symbol

Helsinki Olympic Stadium has been re-opened after several years of renovation. We were lucky to visit among first visitors.
















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I don't know what it looked like before renovations, but they did a great job of retaining or bringing back the feel of that era!
I don't know what it looked like before renovations, but they did a great job of retaining or bringing back the feel of that era!

Yes, indeed. Luckily it was quite close to original already before renovations but now all surfaces are cleaned and some renewed. Practically they dug new logistics area under the stadium to serve big events like concerts etc. There are 3 new levels under the field and trucks can drive in.

Benches were tore down and renewed to imitate the old model. This was because regulations require individual benches with flipping seat when large capacity like over 40 thousands here. And rooftop was added to everywhere. There was rooftop only on the main theatre. There was great moaning about changing the architecture so radically and they made compromise not to close fully the rooftop. IMO they did good job. Seems to work and looks close enough original.

It’s strange but the whole stadium gives to one serene feeling when inside and beauty everywhere you look. It is masterpiece of the architecture of 30’s (it was build for the Olympics in 1940, for obvious reasons games where postponed to 1952 and it started the new era of freedom in Finland and in the world and the games were last non-commercial games since)


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I’ve visited it about 20 years ago, nice to see that it remains faithfully to its original design whenever possible. Naturally being now fully covered makes a big difference, but the interiors look great. Nice reportage!
Is the tall thin tower purely asthetics or is the design related to one of events during the Olympics games?
It’s just for aesthetics. However it has been said being marathon tower, when runners finally see the tower they know the challenge is about to end. And the fire flamed on top of the tower during the games.

During the World War II it was closed from civilians and used as a vantage point to help anti-aircraft defence.

And on the 50’s television broadcasting started from that tower.

Nowadays it’s open for public and offers great views over the city. Really the place to go if visiting Helsinki.


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... they made compromise not to close fully the rooftop.
There's a rule (which I can only half-remember) which limits the amount of roof an Olympic stadium can have. If a stadium became too enclosed by its roof, the sporting events inside would no longer be considered to be "outdoor", invalidating any Olympic or world records which might otherwise be achieved there. Olympic summer games are supposed to be held outdoors. That's why the roof coverage at big Olympic stadia can sometimes seem a bit mean.


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