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Hi everyone, I have signed up with minus.com.
10 GB free online space. That a lot these days!

If I invite we both both get 1 GB free space (up to an incredible 50 GB). (after you signed up)
Please send me a PM with your email address and I will invite you to join.

Thanks in advance, kind regards, Herman
OK, I'm sold. I'll send a PM, Herman. This looks great. I have multiple places where I have space online but for photo sharing, only flickr and imageshack and I'm not that chuffed with imageshack and I dont want to post everything I want to share on forums, for example, to flickr. This looks perfect.

Also having apps for desktop and mobile are excellent.

Not sure how to share *just* a pic... say, to here, via embedding.


looks like your inbox is full. I'm game but if you're full up I'll sign up on my own


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They offer a URL that you can copy to share just the picture... I showed Herman how to do it yesterday, I believe. It's pretty straightforward. Copy the "Forum Code" (the whole thing) and then paste in the reply window here - and there you go!

Herman, you're going to be rolling in Giga Bites!:D


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The Netherlands
Minus is my #1 for online photo storage/sharing

Morning everyone. Yip Minus is GREAT. Thanks BB and Sue for your PM, I now got 12 GB free space, whoopy!
Unfortunately in box was full. I have deleted messages so PM's are welcome again from now.
If you send me a PM I will invite you to join Minus and we both get 1GB free extra space!:smile:


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The Netherlands
Thanks! Get 1GB extra free online space at Minus.

I wanna thanks everyone who forwarded me her/his email message.
Minus is GREAT, really.

So what to do?
1) Send me a PM with your email message
2) I invite you to minus
3) You join minus
4) You get 10 plus 1 = 11 GB free space (1GB extra)
5) I get 1GB extra free space



Thanks for the help, Herman. Looking forward to moving things over.

It also appears that they respect copyrights, so it's not necessarily like uploading into a general space and hoping that nothing happens.


Hey John,

Wanted to know if you guys have anything official on photographer's rights to their works? Lots of people are scared off sometimes by some sites that don't make such things explicit. Maybe that could win over some of us.

I also see you guys are quite good at answering people on Facebook. Good on you guys for that. And hello from a fellow NYCer. Miss it very much and hope to be back home soon.

Hi everyone

John here from Minus - saw this thread from Google. Really apperciate it !: ) Keep on sharing w/ Minus. If any questions please contact us.

John Xie (john) - Minus.com


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can anybody help?

today my minus is not functioning properly.
the entire photo is not able to copy over...:confused:

the same photo:-

from minus

from flickr


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Hope everyone saw the latest changes on Minus - Free Image and File Sharing !
February Newsletter here:
Newsletter No.7 - Minus - Share simply.

What can you do with the new Minus?

- Store up to 50 GB of files
- Upload files up to 2 GB + Unlimited Hotlinking
- Remote Upload from the Web
- Capture Screenshots of Websites
- Browse images, music, videos, documents
- Apps on Android, iOS, Desktop, Chrome and Firefox:
Tools - Minus.com
- Add Effects to Photos on Website, Android and iPhone
- Capture desktop screenshots on Minus Desktop App

Minus is now on iPad: App Store - Minus

Also take a look at the Explore page, hope you like it :)
Explore - Minus

If any suggestions or feedback, please do share!