Herman's Monday May 30


The Image Stimulator
The Netherlands
Morning, we haven't had rain for weeks, the farmers are "praying" for rain.

I already went out for a shooting walkaround this morning, I have taken pictures of 6 signs (art sculptures).
When the sun starts shining from south / south -west I will go for the second time to finish the "job".
Heavy rain here in Yorkshire. Going into town with wifey with a stealth visit to a camera shop planned. (I have to hope it's open, it being a public holiday here in the UK).

Your day sounds great Herman. Do you believe in all that star sign stuff? I don't. But then, us Leos are all the same.
Yay! It was open! Yay! There was the X-100 display in the window with an X-100 box. But boooo, no camera, just the box. And now delays because of frontplate manufacturing problems due to the earthquake.

We had a nice lunch in a bar modeled on a New York hotel diner and I am now settling down to watch the mighty Swansea City, the Barcelona of, erm, Swansea, dismantle Reading and make it to the Premiership.

Time for a glass of Old Peculier and a gressin or two.

I'm nothing if not cosmopolitan, me.


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S W France
great thunder storm here - and torrential rain - great - just needs to go on for a few hours so that it can "soak in"

just started unplugging stuff as power cuts are normal out here in "the sticks"

MBP running on a full battery so I'll be OK for a while and hopefully the "Livebox" will be OK if we get a "cut"

will then spend a hour spotting all the leaks in the roof in the Barns - and maybe "the house" - I hope not


betwixt and between
Rain and thunder but now it appears to be clearing up. Have been trying to catch up with all the missed threads and posts here...but time to get outside before the temperatures begin to rise - going for a rather late constitutional with my furry companion, my dog.;)

P.S. Russ, I am sorry for that missing X100.:sad010:


Sunny Frimley
Bank Holiday Monday

Good day out at the races. Wet and windy as usual! Came home and had a hot bath and a cup of tea. The only horse I picked (but didn't bet on as my husband declared it to look "manky") came in at 40-1 :( So a good day all in all :rolleyes: