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New guy from VA here. I heard about this forum on the Mu-43 forum. I'm a long time (1974) Pentax user, currently with a K7. I bought an E-P1 on a lark and got hooked. I had forgotten how much I like small cameras and how important it is to have a camera that you are willing to carry everywhere. My current favorite photo opportunity is to throw the E-P1 in the saddlebag of my Road King and ride the backroads of rural Virginia.


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drd, welcome aboard! I hail from New York but have been down and around through a number of those beautiful twisties in Virginia, though not on a Road King, alas!:biggrin: You're painting a great picture here in your introduction, so I hope you'll share some of your photographs with us very soon. I know I'm looking forward to some serious vicarious living!

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