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How big is the file by the way?

Raw files are around 23MB, jpegs come in at 8MB.
And thats's kind of the catch... The CM1s hardware is a bit sluggish for the raws. Lightroom mobile is fast enough for raw conversions, Snapseed isn't.
But then the CM1's screen isn't all too great, surprisingly. So if you want to work the files on your computer, Lightroom is the only desktop app to support the CM1's raw files.

On the whole it's an interesting cameraphone, but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.
If Sigma had made a DP-phone - this would be it.
Great image quality in the right conditions but slow and needing a lot of patience :)

(Even the built in photo gallery app slows down, once you start to fill up the phone with photos. As it is right now, I'm rebooting the phone very often, even to fix sluggishness in the internet browser.)

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