Hi all, long time no see...


I my old age, and I do mean old, I have begun to experiment alot with technique and style. While not any good, I do like this combo, and I know some of you are using this. I have fallen in love with using my iphone4 and developing the shot on snapspeed. Easy, no brainer stuff that is perfect for me, and its mobile.

Only problem is I havent figured out how to transfer pics from my ipad to flickr. Seems I cant download adobe flashplayer which is what flickr uses. Any help would be greatly appreciate.

Below a rather artsey shot. I love a good wheel shot :)
Best to all here,




Hi Pete, hope all's well, its nice to see you back :)

Thats one beautifully processed photo you have there! I wish I got a iphone for instagram and its editing features, but i had to go get an android phone :-(

About flash on ipad/iphone I heard that you have to 'jailbreak' it, which voids the warranty i think, so maybe a no go zone? I seem to remember a friends facebook status, saying he got flash to work with out jailbreaking/hacking his ipad - I'll get back to you on that one :)


Hi Pete

I'm guessing you are all mended now and back into photo shooting form. Good to see you back.

I'd also recommend Flickstackr, though you can upload to flickr directly from snapseed too.


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Pete, you've been missed! So glad that you came back and brought your iPhone style with you.:biggrin: Just saw this over on Flickr and really liked it as soon as I saw it - you and Snapseed were made for each other!:drinks:

I'm also jealous about your iPad.:wink:


Hi Pete, my friend's thing, was using an app called Skyfire which enables you to watch flash videos on an iphone or ipad, so i guess it won't be helpful for photo uploading after all lol, but it sounds like you've found a solution i think? snapseed?
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