Hi from Belgium


Well, what can I tell?
I love photography, I am getting older, my daughter is growing up fast, and I just never found enough time to one of my passions, photography, before.
While getting older, a man start thinking about the priorities in his life, and that is absolutely not working 16 hours a day, so I decided to make more time free for myself and my daughter, and to travel.

I had a DSLR before, with heavy lenses, Canon with L-glass (extraLarge, I like to call them), and i realised that I never took them with me :rolleyes:
So, what??? I was reading that the best digicam was that one that you have all the time with you, and I started a thread on a DSLR-forum about .... changing my gear.
The response was big, all saying that the best solution is and always will be a DSLR. They just laughed with compacts like the LX5, even with m43 and 43 gear.
Well, after registering here, and on m43, I know better then that. I let them laugh and decide what lens they will take with them on vacation or for a shoot, and I laugh now when i see them carry 10 kilo or more.

So, I am planning to travel 3 months to Thailand, from town to town, and I wanted to change my gear (I never ever took the gear with me because toooooooo heavy), and I did some research myself, and found the m43 forum, what is also a great community.

I decided, after very good advice on m43, to sell all the stuff, and buy a Pana GF1 + 20mm/1.7.
So far, so good :D
A very good digicam, and portable, one of the biggest factors in my choice.

And then .... I found seriouscompacts.com :rolleyes:
And I saw the same members (almost) as on m43 and JAVIER. I was reading, and looking at the images, and looking and looking and looking.
I wanted to give my old cam, a FZ38 (FZ35) to my daughter to try out if she would like to take pictures also. Well, she did.
And me, myself and I decided to buy a Pana LX5.

Ha ha, when the postman rang twice, my daughter opened the door, and I never got the chance anymore to even look at the LX5, it was hers.
"Dad, you have a GF1, so the LX5 is mine." :D

So, I just looked at her, and I realised that I also wanted the LX5, beside the GF1, I was attracted by the pics made with it and showed here, and the step zoom lens, the fast lens, and much more, thanks to JAVIER and others here :eek:

At the same time i was thinking I was already shooting all my life OOC, and I wanted to have at least a program to change some settings, nope, I am not a pixel peeper, so Adobe LR3 was the perfect solution. And let the Leica D-Lux5 come with .... right, LR3 :D
So, my choice was made quick, and I got the D-Lux5, same same as my daughter, but another body. I bought it with the grip.

Now, I am struggling with myself, because like many others I am "in love" with the Fuji X100, and I also want the 45mm for the GF1 in the future.
But that are just problems for when I come back from Thailand ;)

So, the reason why I initially arrived on this forum, was because I wanted to look at pictures made with serious compacts, and Javier's (and others) shots made me buy an LX5, that my daughter took over from minute one, and so I got my "Pan-a-Leic-a".

I will travel to Thailand with the GF1 + 20 mm and the Pan-a-Leic-a, and make shots there and of course put them here when I come back.

And then I will see what else I am gonna buy, a very serious compact (X100) or the 45mm for the GF1.

So, BBW, now you will never ask me again to make an introduction, hah ha ;)
And I also wanna take the opportunity to tell how great this forum is, and that here are a lot of talented people, much more talented people then all those "arrogant" people that laughed at me on a DSLR forum when I told to change gear.
They never ever can make with their heavy (and mostly expensive) gear as nice pics as BBW-Streetshooter-Javier and much other people here and on the m43 forum. Euh, do not misunderstand me, I realise that for action and sportphotography the poor guys have no other choice then to carry those vw-busses-size-lenses ;)

They laughed, and now I laugh, because I dont have to carry all those kilo's around Thailand, nope, just a small supercompact and a GF1 (even that is not really necessary to take with me).

So, thanks to all for the great shots, the nice welcome, and let's shoot and have fun ;)

And a special thanks from my daughter to Javier, me just registering here got her a wonderful compact and costed me much more then I planned. Thank you, Javier ;):D


betwixt and between
:bravo-009: Kusch, yours is one of The Best introductions I have ever read! I smiled, nodded, laughed and felt great reading it. You and your daughter are very fortunate to have each other - and those cameras, plus Lightroom! Don't forget I think you can download Lightroom twice from your Leica connection so you can give that to your daughter for her computer, as well.:D Thanks so much for taking the time to give us your story - and with such candor and humor!