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I'm a dedicated compact user, Canon A710, planning to upgrade to a Nex to get less noise and wider dynamic range. Once I've found my way round this site I'll start asking questions on the Nex forum. I'm looking forward to it.Regards, Bob


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Bob, thanks so much for jumping right in and starting off with your introduction - it's a big help when people do because it gives us all a jumping off point. Welcome to Serious Compacts and please make yourself at home. We've got a burgeoning NEX crew here...and I have a feeling it is going to be growing bigger.:biggrin:

I'm very glad to have you here, Bob. Again, thanks for your intro.:drinks:
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Hi Bob and welcome to Serious compacts. I have a NEX 5 but not had much of a chance to use it as the weather has been so poor here in the UK. It's starting to get better however and spring flowers are starting to come out so things are improving. What little i know about the NEX is that the sensor is superb and deserved decent lenses, The rear screen is the best out there and the camera really grows on you.

Here in the UK the prices are all over the place so shopping around for the best deal is well worth it.

Enjoy your new toy when you get it and post some pics.


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Hi Bob. Welcome to SC and welcome to the NEX owners club. Look forward to hearing more from you.

Don't wish to boast but I think the NEX forum here on SC is th best NEX forum there is:)


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Welcome Bob,
Shhhhh.... Some members on this forum are not Nex users...Yet...
It takes all kinds of people to make a forum I guess.

Anyway, we Nexians or Nexophiles or just plain Nex users have seen the light.
Stop over the Nex forum and get started joining in....