Hi from Boise, Idaho

Hi From Boise, Idaho.. I just got interested in m43 format/cams about 5 weeks ago.. a friend showed me his new OLY EP3.. wow.. I had at that time had kinda got lazy taking pics because of my BIG and BULKY Canon stuff.. 5Dmk2, 7D and many pieces of fine class.. well to make a long story short.. I bought a EP3 and EPL3 and some nice glass and have since sold most of my dSLR gear and find myself taking EP3 with me everyday.. before I would need a SUITCASE.. LOL.. just so much smaller and fun to use, and people aren't freaked out when you point it at them.. LOL.. and the IQ is Top of the Line as well..
I have a hard time putting my new OLYMPUS EP3 down.. I thought about sleeping with it, but my wife may not like.. LOL
Doug - Boise, Idaho.. Go Boise State Football..