Fuji Hi from China (with images!)


Aug 5, 2014
Los Angeles / Copenhagen
Greetings all,

Not long ago I visited LA and on my first day I had my entire mu43 collection stolen (along with computer, hard drive, etc. (inset death smiley)), and after been camera-less for what seemed like an eternity I jumped into the X world by picking up a used x100.
On my first outing I visited the marvelous "Shanghai 1933". What used to be the biggest slaughterhouse in East Asia, now holds home to a handful architect studios, creative agencies and a few coffee shops. Unlike most of Shanghai, there's very few people to be found here which makes you forget which part of the world you're strolling around in.

I'm still learning my way with the controls, and haven't done a proper jpg-raw / lens test, etc, but boy is the x100 a fun toy. I have a feeling I bought a somewhat beaten up model, as it tends to freeze up and the aperture can't go beyond 5.6 (!?!?) but could possible be my own fault as I haven't read about the menu, settings, etc. yet.

For now I'm having tons of fun and hope to contribute more on this site! Thanks for reading!

- Chris







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