Hi from France


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I'm Frederic, a french man living in France, teacher, 49yo, and I'm new here because I will be in a few days owner of a Oly E-P2/14-42.
Best regards to everyone, and sorry for my poor english that I need to improve.
I will be happy if you understand my messages!
Be back in a couple of days with some good shots (I Hope so!)
Frederic, welcome and very soon we'll be able to offer you our congratulations on your E-P2! Welcome and please - no apologies needed when it comes to "poor" English. We have members here from across the globe. I'm the lucky one because English is really my only language...a number of years studying French in school (a long time ago) but I can only read the barest minimum.:redface:

Frederic, I'm also going to recommend another photography forum founded by Amin Sabet that I think you'll find very helpful: Mu-43 It is devoted to the micro four thirds cameras and there is a great set of videos that you might find extremely helpful in the Olympus forum there. You'll find it at the top, it's a "sticky" thread called Olympus E-P2 Quick Start Part 1. Quite a few members here are also very active on mu-43, as well.;)

Thank you so much for introducing yourself and promise to post when that new camera arrives. Remember first thing to do is charge the battery!
Thanks for advice about battery!;)
By the way, I used to shoot as a hobby starting when i was 14/15yo (so... 1976!) with my Dad's Leica M2 (he found it in a park! Thanks Bouddha! Starting with the best is good to get technical basics) , then got my own Canon AE1, stopped photo long time, and started again with Ixus 40, and since 2007-2008 Canon g10, Lumix tz7, Canon 500d (Tamron 17/50), Sony Hx5v...but not "satisfied" with all of these Cams, maybe not enough good "feeling" through my hands and eyes.
This is why I hope e P2 will give me more good vibrations!
Thanks for more background information, Frederic. I think you will really like the E-P2. If you keep "her" you'll definitely want a second battery. Looking forward to hearing what you think so please post on the Micro Four Thirds Forum here and be sure to show us some of your photos, too.
Actually, I already got a second battery before getting the first one! and also a nice and strong "old style" case.
I see many photographs writing "She"/"her" for camera.
Is it really a "person"?
Frederic, I'm not sure why people refer to cameras as she or her, but it seems to feel right. Maybe it's akin to sailors referring to their boats or ships in the same way? I know one doesn't have to be a male to use this analogy.;)

Very smart of you to get that extra battery and a nice strong old style case, too. I still don't have a case for mine. I try to be careful.