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Hi everybody,
just popping in to say hello. Currently I'm shooting with a Lumix LX3 (great little cam) and an EOS 450D, which is great as well, but seems to be getting to bulky and heavy to carry for most of what I like to do.

So something smaller is needed, exchangeable lenses a must.

Found this forum while researching the merits of micro four thirds vs. the sony nex system. I totally fell in love with the NEX-7 at first but the lack of modern autofocusing lenses and the size of the native glass will probably get me to go the micro four thirds way for the time being. Plan is to get a nice and compact camera which won't be much of a downgrade in image quality compared to the eos and then, maybe getting rid of the DSLR stuff for good in the not to far future.

I just shoot for the fun of it, so basically everything more in iq than the little lumix is just for my inner pixel peeper anyway :biggrin:

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Welcome Buebo!

I personally did the same move as you are thinking now and previously owned Canon 300D, Nikon D80, D90, D5100, Sigma SD14, Fuji S5Pro and Pany LX5, few cameras similar to what you got now.

m4/3 definately is the right choice, IMO, which one is very subjective to what you need and like. I can suggest you Oly E-PL3 (for buildin IS, tilt LCD, excellent IQ, small body and fast operation) with its kit lens and one or two native primes from Pany 14mm f2.5, 20mm f1.7 or oly 45mm f1.8 to start with, they all are cheap and extremely sharp. If you like to go for a bigger body Pany GX1 is a very good mix of operation, IQ and size. If you prefer retro look and buildin IS Oly E-P3 is another good pick. If you can wait, new oly Om-D or Em-5 also looks very promissing! I may actually wait even more for Pany GH3, but thats actually fine, as I already got 3 m4/3 bodies to play with :rolleyes:


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Hello and welcome Buebo. With you on the LX3 - love mine and still shooting with it. The LX3 is the reason I think I might like a GX-1. What part of Germany are you in? I lived in Munich for two years.


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Welcome Buebo,

Like you and many others on here, I too got tired of lugging a big DSLR+bag of lenses around for social trips and wanted something smaller. I picked up the Panasonic GF1 2yrs ago and never looked back, the Micro 4/3rds is a superb format and offers a range (Olympus / Panasonic) of small cameras that are versatile with great IQ and will fir in a coat pocket.
I have recently upgraded my Panasonic GF1 with the GX1 and have to say it is a great upgrade.

There are many other pretenders out there but for quality small portable high IQ cameras, you cannot better the Micro 4/3rds family.


Thanks for the great welcome, I do feel all warm and cozy inside right now. :blush: :biggrin:

After spending like 36 hours straight and 12 liters of strong, black coffee researching mu43, I think there is just one option: Getting the OM-D as an successor of my EOS and an e-pl3 as the daily go anywhere, get good jpgs camera. As for lenses I just need the holy trinity and maybe the olympus 14-35 f2 as a zoom lens. Some legacy glass thrown in as well, but when it comes to that I'm pretty flexible and more into the toy-cam look.

Of course I'd just have to sell everything I own, maybe the girlfriend as well and live in a cardboard box. Yeah, Iam a bit of a gear head, and yeah, I don't nearly take enough pictures to justify even part of that setup. :biggrin:

I do live in Frankfurt (the real one) but take most of my pictures while traveling either backpacking style with the girlfriend or on the road with the motorbike.

P.S.: Thanks by the way for pointing out that mu43 is the right direction. Doesn't help the gear addiction at all though. :daz:

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