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Hi everyone from a former nomad now settled in northeastern Tuscany after a travelling youth in Central Asia and a few years working in China. After a few years visiting me in Tuscany, even my dearest moved and we live together just south of the Apennines, west of Florence (though we got married in Venice).

As you can see from my pics, I love the place and I'm getting used to shoot everywhere, hoping to get better at it.

I see a lot of known faces from mu-43. Hi all!
Alf, many thanks for coming over here and what a wonderful introduction, too! Hmm, I wish I could say that I followed my husband to Tuscany, but here we are in New York.;) Very glad you made your way here, Alf and welcome!

Good to see you here.... (I see your wedding photo is in the square by Acedemia Bridge)... My wife and I visit Venice EVERY year....

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But we have not been to Florence since 2003.... However.... this year I have already booked for Florence at Easter... in a hotel by the Ponte Vechio

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You certainly have chosen to live in a magnificient part of Europe.... I look forward to seeing your images dotted around the Serious Compacts Site.

is your wedding photo in the square by Acedemia bridge
Yessitis! Campo Santo Stefano, at the narrow end of Campo Francesco Morosini.
We were on our way from the city hall in Palazzo Cavalli to the party in Sacca Fisola, together with friends and family, on foot. And blessed by the first day of good weather after a week of huge, cold rain.
Hello and welcome Alf ! I know you from the mu-43 forum. My wife followed me, she moved from Germany to Holland.
I do look forward to photos from Tuscany !