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Mal Holmes

Liverpool / UK

Found my way to this Forum quite by chance... but very impressed by the information on here. I find there are too many 'photographers' who downcry serious smaller cameras, but this must be through a mere lack of investigation into these little gems.

I started photography (amateur) in the early 70's with a Zenith, but soon chose the Pentax range, working my way after some years up to their pro Pentax LX and the usual range of lenses, accessories and darkroom. I was glad of those early years, as it got the 'large' camera fad over early in my life....;)

Anyway with the advent of digital, I bought one of the first cameras, which was a Canon 'ION'... a little still video camera... this was soon followed by one of the very first true digitals... a fuji, which only took bitmap images. When I was a lad.... true 'quality' came from Germany, and so when Leica introduced their first digitals (in partnership with Fuji) I jumped at them. I remember buying the first Leica over 2MP (Leica Digilux 4.3) WOW !!! such a large image pixel..... surely no camera will EVER get higher than this....I thought... lol :D

As technology has evolved.... I now have a range of Leica's including the lovely little 'carry around' D-lux 3 which sits in the middle of my range, but what a little work-horse.... and have recently bought the Lumix LX5.. really impressive !!! These serious compacts now make photography the fun it was in the early days with more and more features to add to creativity, but without the hassle of carrying a shed load of equipment around with you... :(

Well that's enough from me.....;)

Going to enjoy reading the blogs and seeing other peoples images with the full range of Compact Gems available to date
Mal, thanks so much for your introduction. I've enjoyed reading your posts and, of course, I have to say that I really like your magic fountain pen, too.:D I do hope it won't be too long until you share a few of your photographs with us!
Welcome, Mal. I too had begun photography with a Zenit camera of which I have many fond memories. I can never forget how I shot with a fixed 58mm lens (with a min shutter speed of 1/30 and max of 1/500 sec) and 100 IS0 black and white film and still made some decent images! Today's digital cameras have spoiled me with with their plethora of features and I still want more... I need to be spanked.
Welcome Mal. Good to see another Englishman on here :D

I am looking at the LX5 but am waiting for Photokina to be over to see what other are bringing to the party. I would really like a LX5 sized compact but with a APS-C sized sensor that gives outstanding quality like the Leica X1 but much cheaper than the X1! Waiting also to see the new Leica D-Lux5. I do have a 'thing' for leica and would love to own a 'proper' one but money as usual is tight so it's getting the best i can afford.

I enjoyed you bird images, very nice!