Hi from MD


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I already posted a few messages so I should introduce myself. I have been following the serious compacts as Amin started this website as a blog and have the chance to meet him when he was living on this side of the woods.

On the camera side, I started with an Olympus P&S and then to Canon DSLRs. However dslrs started to get heavy on my travels and also the size limits on planes. So my switch to serious compacts started with DP1, then an LX3 which was upgraded to EP1 then to EP2. I also have a DP2 as I like their IQ. Last addition was NEX 5 with some RF lenses. So I haven't shot my dslrs for a year or so. It looks like the move is permanent as I have been selling my dslr gear.



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Serhan, great to have you here on the newer version of Serious Compacts! Maryland is a great state - that parts I know the best are along the Chesapeake and the Atlantic ocean

I'm looking forward to seeing and hearing more from you. Meanwhile, howdy from New York!:th_salute: