Hi from Melbourne AUS


Dec 28, 2011
Melbourne, Australia
Phoenix Gonzales
Hi there! :), my name is Phoenix from Amin's other site talknex.com, I have gotten back into photography after a very long break and now getting acquianted to digital photography. I currently own a Sony NEX-5 which I use with 3rd party lenses and I am planning to purchase a NEX-7. I enjoy the NEX cameras as it suits me and the way I shoot, however I enjoy photgraphs taken with any camera where I get to see subjects, scenes, and landscapes as seen though another person's eyes.

I'm glad to be here :)


Jul 7, 2010
betwixt and between
Phoenix welcome to Serious Compacts and thank you so much for your introduction! I'm sure you must recognize some of the members here, because I know they've been over at TalkNex, too.

Perhaps you'd like to join us in our upcoming Single In January? Along with the image threads, we've got our Weekly Challenges, as well.

I look forward to seeing your pictures both via your website and here on the forum.:flowers_2:


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Dec 6, 2011
Welcome Phoenix! There are several new members just like yourself, including me. You'll find a lot of nice people here :)


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Nov 5, 2010
Down Under
G'day Phoenix from a fellow Aussie, albeit a little further North.

Mate I note your interest in our up-and-coming Single in January. As the organiser of next month's challenge I'd be stoked if you'd consider coming on-board - I mean what better way to kick off, and around, with the gang here. If you're keen then please just let me know what rig you'd like to keep taped up front of the NEX5 for January and I'll sign you up on the Honour Roll (as you can see here it'd be nice to get the Sony numbers up :wink:)

Welcome again mate. No pressure, just a suggestion :th_salute:


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Apr 23, 2011
Phoenix! Hullo hullo, come on in. I haven't managed to keep up with Talk NEX as well as here, so I stayed here. Good to see you! Get stuck in, H


Dec 28, 2011
Melbourne, Australia
Phoenix Gonzales
@Heather, How are you? long time no see :happy-084:

@Kyteflyer and Stillhunter Hi folks! we may have another aussie here soon as my friend (he's actually the dweeb who got me back into my photography addiction :doh:) is taking his photography to the next level. I'm also quite keen on the Single in January challenge and I will put down my details on the thread :2thumbs:

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