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Hello all,

My name is Bart, I'm from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. I've been a long time lurker on this forum, and have always enjoyed the knowledge, friendliness and enthusiasm here :)

I recently bought a Samsung EX1, and am very happy with it, although I wouldn't mind it being even more compact. It's my second digital camera, and my first serious camera.

I used to be into photography as a kid, but gave up on the hobby before I was old enough to really start learning about composition etcetera, and didn't become interested again untill the last few years; now that I have a camera that encourages trying to get good pics, I'm basically building my skill level up from scratch.

I'm planning to post in the "what's it like where you live" thread soon, but I've been too busy to get some good(-ish) pics of my city.

Looking forward to participating on this forum!


Hi Bart

Welcome to Serious Compacts!

The best way to learn photography is to get out there and just take pictures. Look out for our "Single in" and "Weekly Challenges", and just join in the fun.

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