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Hi guys

Well, I followed dixeyk's advice over at talknex.com and checked it out here. I'm not officially a member of all 3 Amin's sites !
I've been a devoted hobbyist, and member of DPR, for over 10 years now, using various (I hate to say countless, lol) DLSRs from all makers, ranging to entry models to pro bodies, and including FF (my true love). In February this year after selling 2 D700s for financial reasons I tried out a Panasonic GX-1 and it was love at first use. I use the camera extensively for 6 months (putting over 15K on it) and it renewed my flame for photography like nothing else.
However, being almost solely a portraitist, and a super thin DOF addict, I bumped into m4/3 limitations from day one.
So a week ago I caved in and bought a 5N, mostly with the intention to use fancy legacy fast primes.I'm totally hooked, overwhelmed with the variety of mounts and lenses out there, and basically overjoyed by the NEX sensor (much less so by the body, but that's little compared to the IQ and magic of peaking).
I run a little photo blog and have of course posted recently about my new acquisition :

I've had many excellent Fuji cameras before and one of my close friends is a Fujimaniac, so there is a fair chance I'll be dipping in those waters in the future as well.
I live in France in the Paris area, so if I can help someone out with any question relative to that country, planning trips, good places to se or stay, etc, feel free to ask :)


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welcome to SC, and thanks for your introduction! :)
You have 2 very nice camers, and the photography on your blog is great! The two pictures in the "those shots" post, which you're having framed, are absolutely fantastic and you're right to be proud of them!


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Welcome nianys, I got lost in your blog for a while, it was wonderful. Good to have another camera addict here, you will find you are in great company.


Thank you all very much for the warm welcome !! I really enjoy sharing pictures so you may get fep up with mine quicker than you think, lol.
I'm currently putting together a manual lens collection for my NEX, and made a little blog post about a few I already own, you can find it here :
Things of beauty. How cute can a lens get ? | itsnotthecamera

I'm finding the site to ge really great because we get several platforms in the same place, with none of the format acrimony that sometimes exists on dedicated boards. I'm loving it !



nianys, a belated welcome - and thank you so much for the link to your blog. Your children are gorgeous. Glad to have you aboard!

Thank you !
If you fancy the blog feel free to visit again or follow, I try to update daily as much as possible.

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