Hi from the Netherlands..


Beesd - Gelderland - Nederland
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Jeroen Peters
Born in '62 and playing with all types of camera's since i was a teenager, i discovered the beauty of photography.
I'm a DSLR user for a few years now, but always carry a small P&S camera with me...
In the summer of 2010 i purchased a Samsung EX1 (TL500) and more and more i leave my DSLR at home...
For me the big advantage with this camera is that you can use it as a sort of twin-lens reflex, very easy at low or strange angles...

There is a lot of useful info and inspiration on this forum, so.. Thank You !!


betwixt and between
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Nuskyn, thank you so much for jumping right in with your introduction! Welcome to Serious Compacts from me, here in New York!

Please make yourself at home!:drinks:


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nice, a fellow dutchman and fellow EX1 owner! I've only introduced myself very recently, but still, welcome!

and armanius, most of us couldn't believe what we'd accomplished (well, our team anyway), I certainly never expected that outcome. In 1998 we had a much more talented team (maybe even the best in the world) but lost to Brazil in the semis, so this was a nice way to straighten that out :) Too bad we didn't manage to win the finals, but then again maybe we didn't deserve to...
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