Micro 4/3 Hi from the ‘new boy’ 🤗


A very big Hi to all the Mu43 refugees here along with everyone else :th_salute:
Although I’ve been registered here since 2016 my account has been dormant for a long time

I’ve just re joined today having gathered that many from the Mu43 forum have been moving over for various reasons, not least of which are the revised tos since the acquisition of the Mu43 forum by the apparently more business and profit orientated new owners

Will hopefully be here for the long run whilst staying with Mu43 as that forum has been part of my way of life since 2010 and it’s sad to see it deteriorate since Amin the previous owner let it go 😞
Hoping to be able to contribute something along the way as a long term M43 user
Talent, Oregon (far from the madding crowd)
Miguel Tejada-Flores
A belated welcome, Robert.
And as you mentioned Amin, I just want to say that, in many ways, both large and small, the open spirit of communication and community which he always tended to foster in the forums he founded, lives on in this one. Cameraderie is and has been lucky in that when Amin metaphorically passed on the torch to a new owner, that Kevin (@Kevin) has kept that vision alive and well, while adding to it in his own way.