Samsung Hi, new here & want to start on the right foot, so to speak.


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I am expecting UPS to deliver my TL500 tomorrow & I can hardly wait! I have read everything at DPReview & various reviews & most of the owners manual. I had purchased a Nikon S8100 on sale, but returned it the next day. I really wanted a nice compact so I will have a decent camera when my D200 kit is at home, but can't afford one of the large sensor offerings right now. I had hoped that the Nikon would work out & although it is a nice camera, it didn't seem much different that my Canon S1000. It had more features, but it was still a P&S with no manual control. Enter the Samsung TL500 at $332 USD delivered.
I am just now reading all I can on this forum & planning my weekend shooting with great anticipation. It will be interesting to see if I am tempted to leave the D200 at home next time I go out of town.
Thank you all for your participation in this forum & I look forward to contributing soon.
Oh, BTW I have a pretty good idea, but can someone please give me the correct pronunciation of Schneider - Kreuznach? I have to know before anyone asks me! :redface:


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Welcome aboard Bugeyed!

I'm not 100% sure of the pronunciation but I would think phonetically "Schneider - Kreuznach" would be Shhnyder Kruznak with the Y having the long I sound or the Y sound, and the U in Kreuznach would have the long U sound, and the "nach" - the sound of "lock" but with an N in front of it. Fortunately we have some good German speakers around who will, I am sure, wade in and give you the gospel.;)

Can't wait to here and see what happens when you get your new camera!:D

P.S. You might want to make a quick stop intro over on the Welcomes and Introductions forum so everyone will get a chance to meet you.


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Conroe, Texas
Thanks, & I am with you on the pronunciation, so I guess I am somewhat prepared.
I have a retro looking case inbound & will probably order another battery & external charger. I am just used to not-in-camera charging. It should facilitate having a battery charged while I use the camera. I am undecided about the Fancy Feast can lens cap! The case should protect it when not in use & I've learned not to obsess about keeping the objective lens dust free.
Shnider - Kruuznak, Shnider - Kruuznak, Shnider - Kruuznak. I think I have it.



"Schneider" rhymes with "glider" and starts with a "shhh" as BB said.

Kreuznach, begins with "crew" (but the "eu" bit is more like the "u" in "up") and the "z" is a hard "Tss" sound, finally the terminal "ch" is like that found in the Scottish word "Loch" and is actually quite soft.

But I wouldn't worry, no-one here's a grammar nazi 😁