Hi Peeps


Super Moderator Emeritus
Nov 5, 2010
Down Under
G'day from Down Under, and welcome aboard mate! :thumbsup: Oh man looking at your arsenal you are going to fit in just perfectly....be fuelling others GAS though I fear.....like SERIOUSLY!!!


Jul 7, 2010
Welcome aboard.

GAS... never heard of it....

Noticed that you listed the Voigtlander 50/1.1 with the NEX, not the M9- any reason for that?


Bring Jack back!
Jan 11, 2011
Houston, Texas
Welcome aboard Jin Han!! And heck ya, I'm with Luke!! That's an AWESOME set of gear! I'd never suffer from GAS again if I had your gear.

Ok, maybe that's a lie. GAS is incurable. There's no way to beat it. Can only hope to contain it ...

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