Hi there (from Seattle)!


Hi all,

Been shooting for a few years now. I started out as a total camera whore (got an A900 my 2nd year of shooting!) and quickly realized I had no use for 40MB raw files. Sold off all my gear and was sans camera for about a year. Just getting back into the game now. I've ordered a Samsung EX1 / TL500 and a GF1 + 20mm kit. Going to decide which to keep this week.

I realized (when carrying around $8,000 worth of gear in a backpack that could fit a pup tent) that it was perhaps prudent to have a decent, compact camera that I could carry about unobtrusively. My first "serious compact" was the LX3 which I absolutely loved and was my only camera on my vacation to Spain.

I've been quite active on a few boards, but none more so than dyxum.com. It's an awesome site, but since I don't have any Sony/Minolta gear anymore, I haven't been in a bit. I also sometimes post on getdpi.

I really love trading and selling gear, so you'll see me as much in the buy/sell/trade as much as anywhere else.

My flickr: Flickr: lattiboy's Photostream


betwixt and between
lattiboy, thanks for taking me up on the invitation to introduce yourself here! Great description of that pup tent amount of gear!;)

I'll be very interested to hear your thoughts about both of these cameras and hope you'll let us know which one you decide is your keeper and why. In the meantime, don't hesitate to post some of your photographs with your LX3 and, eventually, whichever upcoming camera you decide to keep.(y)