Hi there, Remko's here


Hi today I took the jump from the old SeriousCompacts forum (westrikr) and signed-on here.

I'm also active on the RicohForum since I'm an GX100 and R5 owner.

I like the advantage of a small camera over an DSLR although I also own one with a good number of lenses. And to be honest my Canon DSLR will stay (if only Canon would make some Pancakes like Pentax has)...

I've been on the brink on the Micro 4/3rds (EPL-1) and am seriously considering Ricoh's GXR but the size compared to a real compact and lack of the 28mm pancake (should be near) is keeping me from it today. I do like the recent advancements in the real small sensor compacts like the recent Sony and Fuji models (Pro Focus & high-speed dynamic range), but this is also a wait and see today.

So my serious compact is the GX100 for now, okay its high-ISO is not that good. Its lens is not that fast, but its handling is superb. And I love the step-zoom, snapfocus, and RAW capabilities.



betwixt and between
Welcome Remko and thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself here on the new SC site. You're certainly going to find yourself in good company here with quite a few other Ricoh camera owners. Glad to have you aboard!:D
Welkom Remko! Always good to see others from the Netherlands here. I have been the owner of the GX100 (loved that camera), GX200, GRD1, and now the GRD3. Last year in December and this year in February I have extensively tested the GXR with both the A12 50mm and the S10 24-70mm lens. Hopefully I will be able to test the A12 28mm lens later this year and will write about it and keep you updated. In the meantime I guess we are looking forward to your postings and photographs.