High Contrast Black and White Presets for Lightroom


I'm looking for some good presets for Lightroom that would give me a high contrast black and white image. I do a lot of processing from scratch for this look, but I'm curious if there are some useful presets out there that could give me a head start on my processing. Plus I find presets a useful way to learn new techniques.

I don't mind if they are free or not. I'm just hoping to tap into the experience of the members to see what they've used, what they liked and what they didn't.



I hadn't seen the Monolith presets before. Thanks for those. I've been looking at the presets from The Inspired Eye, but I can't find good before and after previews for them to see exactly what those presets do to an image. Which sets of theirs have you used?
21 Lightroom presets for black and white


These are 'free' presets for Lr. It's a french site related to a french photo mag called Reponses Photo.

Scroll down a bit and hit telecharger pour (download for)...and the version you need.
I think then you can just load 'em like all other presets in Lr.

You see some of the presets try to emulate specific photographers styles.

If you need help with this because of translation problems, give me a shout.

I use some of these as start points.

hope you find 'em useful.

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