'Hmmm...I Just Might Like Topaz BW Effects MORE Than Nik SilverEfex Pro'



I like the presets...I find the UI a bit ugly but workable. Not liking the kludgy way you have to connect it to Lightroom but the effects are pretty cool. They have a 30% off sale going until the 28th

Lawrence A.

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Nov 8, 2012
New Mexico
Agree with dixeyk. I bought it because I could not afford Silver Efex Pro, which seems to be preferred by most people, but I hate having to open each file, one by one, in LR, then having the B&W effects close as soon as I hit OK, having to do the whole thing again for the next black and white image. But it does do a good job once the clunky interface is got through.

I do indeed remember the Iron Lungs. I don't know what I feared most when I was a kid growing up in the early fifties, the iron lung or the polio injections at Dr. Fitzgerald's office. (Needles weren't as "micro" as they have since become.)


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Jan 21, 2011
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Another contender is OnOne Software's Perfect B&W. I go back and forth among LR, Silver Efex Pro and Perfect B&W; so many choices!


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Jan 7, 2013
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Martin Connolly
I think the Topaz products are very nice. The only problem I have is because I don't have Photoshop but use them as plugins with IrfanView so it's a bit clunky but I've got used to it. I tried the Nik products - the Mac version crippled Aperture since it hogs the GPU on the Mac - apparently a well known bug - and the Windows version installs a licence-checking agent that played havoc with Windows 7 (YMMV of course). So I gave up on those fairly quickly!


Oct 1, 2011
London, England
Topaz has some nice products and shouldn't be overlooked. I prefer Silver Efex but I want to also recommend Snapseed (also Nik), the B&W feature shares some of SFX features including selective adjustments and it is very cheap.

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