Homemade Tool for removing Namerings without Spanner Slots.- Filter Cases


Product of the Fifties
I have a lot of filters, and a box of the empty cases that they come in. I picked up an AF-Nikkor 24/2.8 with a marred front element for under $50, and had an Ais Nikkor 24/2.8 with bad rear group. The two lenses have the same optics, but the fixtures are different. The AF-Nikkor has a namering that must come off, and front section simply unscrews. How to get them off without damaging the front element?

I used the bottom of a filter case, with Black Electrical tape over the side.

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On this lens: unscrewing the namering also starts to unscrew the front section, which can then be unscrewed using your fingers- or the same tool.

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Reminds me on one of my Favorite lines from "Animal House" that I always use for Design Engineering:
"This idea is so stupid, it has to work".

and it did. The filter case is deep enough to grab the sides of the namering without damaging the front element. If in doubt: place a drop of lens cleaning fluid on the center of the lens element, and bring the ring down on it slowly. If the drop of fluid hits the filter case- find one that is deeper, or cut a hold in the center of the case.
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@Brian thanks! This is brilliant! I recently picked up a few AI-s lenses that have spent their lives so far in West Texas, and they have a good bit of internal dust. I’ve been wanting to disassemble and clean, but I had no idea what the rubber doohickey that turns the namering out is called. I had thought of using a piece of PVC plumbing pipe but wasn’t sure how to cushion it and still get a bit of grip. This looks like a great solution.

So does the name ring just turn out via the filter threads then? (And I guess from your comment, some elements may come out with it, depending on the lens).

Again, thanks!

On the AF-Nikkor, the namering simply unscrews.

Ais lenses can be different: On the 24mm F2.8, there is a set screw hidden under the two-part focus ring. On the 50mm F1.4- you can see the set screw holding the namering on.

Richard Haw has the best set of instructions that I know of for disassembling manual Nikon lenses. Check there for detailed instructions on many AIS lenses.