Fuji Horizontal scrolling to see photos? Problems with page width?


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Some members may find that the forum page width is too wide to navigate without horizontal scrolling. This shouldn't be the case if your display is at least 1280px wide and/or you are using a mobile browser that automatically resizes everything (ie, iPhone, iPad, Android). However those on a desktop/laptop with a display 1024px wide or smaller may face this issue. One option is to resize the page using your browser - holding [CTRL] and [-] at the same time will usually accomplish this ([CMD] and [-] on a Mac).

I installed another option - dedicated site styles for those using smaller displays. These won't completely eliminate horizontal scrolling issues for everyone, but they should minimize those issues for most people. To select one of these styles, scroll to the bottom left corner of any page and use the drop-down menu to select one of the styles that says "for smaller displays". What these styles do is reduce the maximum width of displayed images from 1024px (in the standard site styles) to 512px. With this change, the thread view should fit on an 800px-wide screen.

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