Sony HOT! Pergear Type A 260G + Reader for <$200

At their site.

I had decided to stay with SD cards for the A1, I really don't need the added speed from the Express cards. The Kingston Canvas React Plus 256G has been selling for $190. Went to get one and they jumped to $220 overnight. Got pissed and started looking at other options. Pergear is selling their 260G card for $179 by itself, or $197 with a USB reader. Then MS had coupons so I clicked and it actually found a usable coupon, got it down to $177 with free shipping. I decided to 'splurge' and spent another $8 on express shipping! :laugh1:

Not as fast as some of the other cards, it's been tested at 450MB/s in-camera write and 87 shots to buffer, which is plenty for me. It's still faster than an SD card and even has another 4G of capacity for less money. What's not to like? 🤷‍♂️

And yes, Pergear ships almost worldwide for free! :2thumbs:

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