How about some 19th Century Urbex? Or, is it Rurex? Oh, never mind.

Stephen S

Feb 14, 2014
East Bay, Northern California
Stephen Scharf
Welcome to Bodie, California!

Yes, we mine not only gold, but silver in Bodie...and the future could be yours! Stake your claim on a career with endless possibilities!

And steam power is the power of the future! Who knows, maybe pumice and potash mining are possible. :)

The most affordable housing accomodations are right in the town of Bodie. How about this little fixer-upper? With a view of the west, this cute little Bodie bungalow is sure to keep you cozy in the winter.

Starting a family? How about this rambling luxury ranch house? The kids will be sure to love having all the room they need to grow up to be a miner in Bodie!

In a hurry to get to work at the mines? This state of the art Ford truck features a V8 motor!

Want to relax after a hard day's work hauling ore out of level 3? Spend your evenings unwinding in one of Bodie's many saloons. How knows, you might get lucky and get into a gunfight!


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