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Alright, so all this talk about rectilinear, a fisheye can sort of be rectilinear as long as the camera is held horizontal, right? Sort of? I've been using my fisheye a lot in the past couple of weeks and I'm learning a lot about its quirks. Here are two shots, one that another photographer friend of mine didn't even notice was a fisheye shot and another where it's clearly a fisheye. Plus a bonus shallow 50mm shot.

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Very nice triptych, well done.



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So I've been really enjoying the Widelux look (or the poor man's version that I have - the Horizon Perfekt). There's something about the Widelux's quirkyness that I prefer over the Xpan. It is beautifully panoramic, has deep depth of field, and iis wiiiiide, and that slightly warped composition gives each shot a unique character.

I've been wondering how I can reproduce this on digital, that wide warped look is a little like a fisheye look but not as extreme. And then I remembered that I'd sort of seen this effect on a digital camera before a few years ago.

I was showing my neighbour a digital camera that had a super 16mm sensor in it, and he was showing me his new 12mm fisheye lens. We put them together and ended up with an equivalent 30-35mm crop factor and a look that wasn't immediately obvious that it was a fisheye lens, but just a tiny bit warped nonetheless.

Maybe that's what I need:

a small sensor camera + a really wide fisheye lens to account for the crop factor + panoramic crop in post = the closest thing to a Widelux look but in digital

What say ye, be I a nut?
Let's keep an eye out for your first Widelux camera !

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