Canon how big is too big (belt case carry of S95/TL500)?


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great forum! i hope i can get some input from folks who have used and compared the cameras i'm interested in. in the spirit of "the best camera is the one you have with you," i'm trying to figure out which to choose for every day carry.

i initially thought that the S95 was the obvious choice, until i came across this article

and this one

which make me think that from a features and operation standpoint i would probably enjoy the TL500 the most. however it clearly is larger than the S95 and i'm trying to tell if it is too large for my purposes.

my plan is to use a clip on belt case of some kind, like i currently use for my cell phone. in fact the S95 might fit my cell phone case. it is hard for me to tell from online photos and specs whether carry of the TL500 in this manner would be almost as unobtrusive as the S95, or problematic. unfortunately i can't audition the TL500 locally, but i can handle the NEX, EPL1, and G11 and consider all three larger than ideal.

any thoughts/advice?
I live in a small hick town with no camera stores so everything photographic I buy I buy online. So when I got the my EX1/TL500 I did so sight unseen. Once I got it, I went to a larger city about an hour away and took my camera into a Best Buy and tried out all of the Camera Bags they sell. Since they sell a TON of small P&S cameras I figured they would have a decent selection which they did. Like you I wanted something I could wear on my belt. At the end of the day it was a fools errand. It seemed the TL500 was just a tad bit to big for all of the small bags. If you removed the strap, and do not care about having room for extra batteries or SD cards you could make a few of them work, however I do care about such things so I found I had to move up to the slightly larger bags that they make for smallish camcorders.

The bag I got was made by Lowepro and it fits on a belt but also has a shoulder strap.

Having said all that I find that when I am out shooting my pocket works as a great camera bag as does the front pouch of my hoodie


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If the G11 is too big for you, then the TL500 will be too big for you. Go for the S95. It's a great little camera!


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thanks for the info.

wallace i share your frustration about limited selection in a small town. i read on another forum that the "proper" way to evaluate this class of camera is to do a hands on, and i believe that would be best if possible. it is easy to move up just a little in size to get another feature or two, and then another, and then we're up to a D3x and no way it is going to fit on a belt case!

if i decide on something other than the S95 i'll just have to order from someplace with a good return policy.

amin, that is a helpful and definitive comment. would you say the same thing about the LX5, which i have also thought about?

thanks again!