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you should be able to figure it out...
I don't have a clue, but there's some fancy stuff going on in those shots that does NOT occur in nature! I mean, it's not like parts of the shots are still and the other (blurred) parts are moving. So I suspect it's some level of PP trickery. Whether they're blending two images together (one taken still, one with enough panning to cause the blur) or just creating a lot of blur in whatever PP tool they're using. I love trying to get similar type stuff either through panning (where the subject should be pretty sharp but everything else is wildly motion blurred) or long-ish exposure, where the still parts of the photo are sharp and the moving parts are all ghosted...

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That is 99% positively working with layers. One shot perfectly in focus and another with movement. The layer with movement would be layered "on top" of the focused one and then use the erase tool over the parts that you want to reveal the focused areas. If I have time later today, I'll throw together a brief tutorial using the online free processing tool picmonkey. You don't need to spend money on Photoshop to do some manipulation or work with layers (at least I'm fairly certain that PicMonkey has added a layers functionality....if I'm wrong, I apologize)

BTW, having the knowledge of how it's done doesn't make it any easier to do it so well. Those are VERY nice.

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